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LED curtain screen CP60
No fan design, low temperature operation, quiet no noise
Ultra-thin box, easy to transport, installation and maintenance
Support front and rear maintenance, installation more convenient
Low power consumption, low heat, energy saving and environmental protection
Signal, power supply stability, the use of safe and reliable
Efficient and stable, high reliability, long service life
  • parameters
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    project Company parameter
    Product model   CP60
    Pixel composition RGB DIP346
    Resolving power dot/ 1024
    Horizontal points dot 16
    Vertical points dot 64
    Horizontal spacing mm 64
    Vertical spacing mm 15.625
    Unit size mm 1000(H)X500(W)
    Unit count dot 512
    Unit level dot 8
    Unit vertical dot 64
    Screen brightness cd/ 3500cd
    Best sight distance m 30-300
    Peak power dissipation W/ 450
    Average power consumption W/ 128
    Unit weight kg/pcs 6
    Product weight kg/ 12
    Product thickness cm 6
    Installation thickness cm 11.8
    refresh frequency Hz 1500
    Frame rate Hz 60
    Drive mode   Constant current static state
    Supply voltage AC V 85-250
    Hollowing out rate % WholeIP68
    Wind resistance grade   12
    Maintenance mode   Front and back