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LED display in the advertising landscape has great potential

Time: 2017-05-08 11:09:26     View:

The city is vivid for advertising. Advertising is not just the image of the city, but also a major problem in urban circulation. Lack of competition in the noisy, the city's business expression becomes solemn and no longer warm. Outdoor advertising is not only the value of the landscape, but also commercial value, especially to enhance the value of commercial real estate. Real estate prices are related to the business content and property level of the business and the traffic, and are also related to the attractiveness of outdoor advertising. New York Fifth Avenue, Hong Kong Causeway Bay, London Oxford Street, Tokyo Ginza, Dublin widow Tuen Street, Paris Champs Elysees, have considerable outdoor advertising.
"The world's vast international cities have a lot of beautiful advertising landscape, these unforgettable scenery, are advertising artists and operators, urban designers and planners work together to the crystallization of the visual culture of space in these landscapes , Advertising often become the protagonist, rather than the building.When they are made into pictures, strengthen the city's impression. "Shanghai Advertising Association outdoor advertising committee director expressed this view.
Due to the convergence of urban construction, many cities will bring people to feel the feeling of acquaintance, and with the outdoor advertising communication, people feel no stranger. The city is vivid for advertising. It tells the image of the city's economic, cultural and technical standards, and the city is now doing what, what is popular. Outdoor advertising through the image, impression, imagination, image, created the information age of the city carnival image.
China's LED industry came in, when a large number of time is two thousand years, in fact, LED advertising screen is the earliest in 1985, after 30 years, now has a new development. In the city to create, build, create a place to do some work, because a city in addition to digital information, there are digital three-dimensional surface, as well as streamlined visual comfort, need to rely on those glittering LED to express. Now the business can do some personal things, including cooperation with the designer, to create a landscape as a LED works. At present, there are three aspects worthy of attention.
First, the replacement of billboards

China has now been replaced billboard is about 10%, the US alternative may only be 3% to 5%, and the Americans are now playing OLED, the United States in November 2014, the New York Times Square made a 2400 Square meter OLED screen. In Europe the number of LED display lower, all the streets of the European paper media, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, everywhere there is such a paper billboards need us to replace. Because the streets of Europe is relatively narrow, a street to see the ad is more than a dozen square, which gives us a reflection, this more than a dozen square on the road opposite, about ten meters into the road opposite, more reasonable Is a 3 m × 4 m diagonal, is 5 m LED screen. With the standard definition of the TV resolution requirements, that is, around P6, so that outdoor small pitch LED if done well, and the digital things into it, may be able to speed up the opening of the European market.
Second, the riverside landscape lighting project

Many cities have river views, have a waterfront landscape. Qiu Dongming mentioned, the first in the opposite of the Huangpu River, when the screen is 3600 level, if there is a better technology, more clearly made 10,000 flat, opposite the Huangpu River must be very shocking. From the people, see the other side of the river so big screen, will be shocked to be attracted. Now this is more and more, but must see which place is the most suitable for the screen, such as the river, the Huangpu River to get through, the channel to get through, both sides of the landscape was to see, how do you do? It is making a big screen.
Third, the application of the display on the building

Grille screen is able to make a good light effect, and now there are some manufacturers will be made in the LED wall outside the building, the advertising effect is very good. The LED industry has a new opportunity, because you not only show the factory, but a building materials industry, all the glass curtain wall can be loaded into. This is turned into a facade into the media, we turn the facade into the media, many buildings will naturally solve, and does not affect the lighting.