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Internet conferencing for the digital signage LED industry to bring new thinking

Time: 2017-05-08 14:52:09     View:

The second World Internet Conference was opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang Province. Chairman Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the conference and delivered a keynote speech. Xi Jinping mentioned at the meeting: "to promote open cooperation in the Internet field, rich open connotation, improve the level of openness, build more communication and cooperation platform to create more benefits fit point, cooperation growth point, win new bright spot.
Whether it is between the state and the country, or between enterprises and enterprises, the right time, the right occasion, follow the "open" and "cooperation", will certainly be able to achieve complementary advantages and achieve common development.
In the past 2015, the digital signage industry is constantly following the "new technology" and strive to run, face recognition, somatosensory computing, mobile payment and other more colorful intelligent digital signage elements have gradually into our lives.



After the Internet conference will bring what digital signage
2015 Shanghai exhibition on the data, digital signboard annual number will increase by more than 30%. Behind this figure is the industry's wide recognition of the value of digital signage. From the past few years, the layout of the digital signage, the conventional industry in the application, the emerging intelligent devices such as smart courier, virtual dressing mirror, etc. have also been fully covered.
After the Internet conference, the traditional industry and the Internet will accelerate the pace of convergence, will give digital signage broader development space, follow the Internet "wind" to go, the future of digital signage will be integrated in the various applications of the Internet, it is not independent But it is essential. Industry cooperation will be more closely, the future of intelligent digital signage will have a greater market prospects, similar to the overall industry segmentation solution is still able to produce huge energy.
Respond to the call, deepen open cooperation
The future of life is to hope in the multi-screen environment anytime, anywhere to use the Internet. And this service will be an "Internet +" formula exists, so as to re-transform and create all of our products today. And for the user, they will not care if he is through the access network cable, Wi-Fi, mobile network or power line Internet, do not care he is using iOS, Android or Windows. Because each face they face can be a screen, through which they can be users and the Internet, businesses provide services and services anytime, anywhere linked together.
Deepen open cooperation, deep plowing digital signage industry. Breaking the traditional understanding of the digital signage is just the screen plus advertising, the use of more intelligent identification, interaction and other functions to make it more efficient and more intelligent, which is the future direction of digital signage efforts.