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Show the industry to develop high-domestic display global share increased to 22%

Time: 2017-05-08 14:53:01     View:

"2014-2016 new display industry innovation and development action plan" proposed that by 2016, China's new display industry by area calculation of shipments to achieve the world's second, the global market share of more than 20%, the overall size of the industry more than 300 billion yuan. It can be said that the flat panel display is China's electronics industry first to achieve 'manufacturing power' industry. "In the recently held China Beijing 2016 International Display Industry Summit Forum, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ouyang Zhongcan said," display as a pillar industry of the display industry, "second five" during the rapid development of the production line from 7 to 22, the market share from about 3% to 22%, 32-inch LCD panel market share from 0 to 40% ... ... "
Ouyang Zhongcan introduced, now the domestic LCD display breakthrough, the resolution from high-definition to full HD, 4K, 8K evolution, last year, Beijing Oriental 10.5 line led the glass substrate, LCD materials and other supporting industries, China's LCD technology a comprehensive breakthrough, change The less screen situation.
Although in recent years, domestic industry has made rapid development, but there are also some problems. "The current display industry is facing two key challenges, one is to show how the technology innovation to further meet and even pull things networking, large data, artificial intelligence and other strategic emerging industry development; the second is to show whether product innovation can be further extended to each Breakdown of the industry and the field, the real display is everywhere. "China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD Branch Chairman Wang Dongsheng said in the forum speech.
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Electronic Information Division, director of electronic infrastructure, said Wang Weiwei, the current domestic industrial development shows there are three major problems: First, the industry chain supporting capacity is weak. China shows that 70% of the industry's key materials are still heavily dependent on imports, 90% of the equipment is not completely independent development, key materials and core equipment has become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's new display industry. Second, the industrial structure needs to be adjusted. China's panel shipments accounted for 22% of the world, but sales accounted for only 13% of the world, low value-added products Third, there is a potential risk of blind investment.