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To provide 24-hour hotline service, to provide pre-sale consulting, sales arrangements and after-sales complaints handling series of service support. I always follow the customer needs for customer first, customer satisfaction as the most important purpose of the service, the establishment of an effective guarantee for sustainable development of customer service support system to achieve the harmonious development of customers and companies, and win-win goal.
pre-sale service:
According to the requirements of customers, the two sides jointly develop the implementation plan, give full consideration to the user in the system function, quality requirements, the development of specific design, solutions, and provide engineers technical advice.
Sale service:
Before the installation of the product, with the customer to send staff to the company to understand the production base, check product quality. Responsible for the installation of the site; all system equipment, material installation supervision; installation work orderly, to ensure the implementation of progress; installation work in line with relevant state regulations and system equipment installation requirements. Responsible for the on-site service; responsible for the transport of system equipment, on-site commissioning, installation and commissioning; in the purchaser to inform the system equipment arrived, then sent a technical staff to install, debug and test, after the acceptance of the acceptance system to use, the system design And construction in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and the implementation of national standards.
After-sales service:
From the date of installation and acceptance of the product to provide software and hardware products and accessories maintenance, and provide good technical support and spare parts of the supply of spare parts.