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Shenzhen Curtain Smart Display Technology co., LTD,, Is a professional to provide outdoor intelligent lighting grid display, set research and development, production, sales, engineering, after-sales as one of the Internet hi-tech enterprises.

Companies rely on the Beijing Institute of R & D resources, joint industry and outstanding management and operation personnel, as well as high-end returnees basic talent, determined to provide industry, point, end to the cloud of intelligent interconnection between indoor and outdoor display equipment integrated solutions for customers to provide the best customers Experience.

Principal founder Mr Long, Mr zhang, Mr Huang, from the 90s of last century began to enter the LED display industry. From research and development, production and sales, and later into the advertising media industry. More than 20 years in the development, production, sales and use of these four areas deeply appreciate the traditional display of the cumbersome, impermeable, unstable; and installation, commissioning, maintenance efficiency is low; procurement and installation costs are high; customer experience pole Poor pain points.

Curtain Smart people adhering to the "honest people do well! Make sense of the screen!" Enterprise values ​​to innovative technology, scientific management, standardized production technology, improve the quality assurance, quality service, and the new business Philosophy, in good faith to provide professional services to customers.

Because of the focus, so professional! Our advantage products: LED indoor / outdoor smart lights screen, outdoor creative display.

We Curtain Smart people adhere to the "smart display, creative unlimited!" Product concept, to provide customers with the best quality technology products and services, "employee happiness, customer satisfaction, partner development, shareholder returns" is our aim! "Let the intelligent display products make the world colorful" is our business mission!

Change - start from innovation

Founding team in the LED industry experience led to the birth of Kraton. Founding team members average industry experience for more than 15 years. After experiencing all kinds of unpleasantness with the traditional display screen, the founding team members came together to determine the use of epoch-making products to solve the traditional display before the difficult maintenance, box and installation structure bulky, unstable and so on several major drawbacks. Founder has accumulated and precipitated enough industry experience in his own life. These experiences come from a deep understanding of the product, from the advertising terminal customers, from the production, sales, management and so on. I believe that years of accumulation and unremitting efforts will make the LED industry into a new era.